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Publishing 2.0

March 20, 2011


ARTS2090 has been examining how publishing is evolving. One way of demonstrating this change is the tablet (iPad and alike). Apple and News Corp have knocked their heads together to create another publishing feat, The Daily. The Daily is a newspaper only available on the iPad. This creates a paper with a unique experience. Mercury News reported this development as being a “golden opportunity” for newspaper publishers “because they can sell ads and subscriptions at higher prices than they have been able to get on websites”. As identified in my previous post, newspapers survive through advertising revenue. By offering a newspaper with articles, video and audio available only on the iPad publishers will be offering a unique service and be able to charge for it accordingly.

The Green Frontier

The Daily App is available to iPad users for 2 weeks without charge. Greg Mills at sees The Daily as a great model but questions whether it will remain competitive when other similar news Apps are offered to iPad users for free. If there is enough compelling content, value for money, innovation and constant improvement then people might stick with it. The establishment of news specialising services is that there are so many, and many of them are free. Mills also identifies that an iPad newspaper also saves on environmental impact. Publishers don’t need to cut down trees for paper, use ink or use cars and trucks for deliveries. On the other side of the coin this also means that the paperboy, printer, courier and lumberjack are all out of work.

Tablet Reading

Zinio is a fascinating tool for reading and interacting with content on the tablet. Although Tech Broiler argues that this tool is being censored by Apple’s controversial Regional Content Review which means that Apple reserves the right to monitor what is being shown on the iPad. Users do not have the full scope of services offered because Apple has decided the material is too sexual or otherwise unnecessary.

Zinio Dynamic Design from zinio on Vimeo.


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